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“The amount of LEGO we can have is obviously not an issue”

From The Guardian:

Centred around ‘inquiry-based learning’, the idea (behind Denmark’s LEGO® school) is that children are more motivated when they generate their own questions. As one prospective parent of the new school put it: ‘In the UK you’re taught how to pass exams. In Scandinavia you’re taught how to think.’

Me, I went to the LEGO® school of hard blocks.

Tatooine barbeque

LEGO Star Wars diorama

“No, Stormtrooper, I did not say ‘These are the droids we’re cooking for’.” #dioramafriday


I’ll be less inclined to swap the limbs on my minifigs now. (Laughing Squid, via @snazdoll)

Even better than the minifigs

These minimalist, abstract LEGO® portraits of characters from pop culture show you just how iconic some of these creations are, that they can be so readily identified from such basic shapes. Incredible.

Found object: 7:28pm, 6 March 2011


Incredible LEGO® MOC of the Russell T. Davies era TARDIS console from Doctor Who. Be sure to check out some of Mr. Xenomurphy’s other LEGO® MOCs, including this LEGO® vignette featuring Lady Cassandra from the 2005 Doctor Who episode ‘The End of the World’.

As the Ninth Doctor himself might have said, “Give the man a medal”.

The Big LEGOwski

Nicely shot LEGO® recreation of certain scenes from the Coen Brothers’ The Big Lebowski by Lennart Bendixen. The moustaches on LEGO® The Jesus’s compadre are a nice touch. (Thanks to Phil Sherry for the link.)

“Where computational mechanics and LEGO meet”

A cool (if slightly over-dramatic) video detailing a reproduction of the Ancient Greek computing device known as the Antikythera Mechanism using plastic gears from a LEGO® Technic set.

The designer, Apple software engineer Andrew Carol, previously built a LEGO® Babbage Difference Engine.

Meanwhile, here’s a pink LEGO® house I built for my daughter.

Found object: 8:31am, 26 November 2009

The first and second Matrix films had a handful of great sequences, but how much better would they have been if they’d been filmed in LEGO®vision?

Answer: this much better.

(Legomatrix, via GeekDad)

Found object: 9:56am, 22 October 2009

This was the first major LEGO® set I owned. Clearly I will never achieve my dream of being the first author to include it on one of their book covers. Damn you, Jan Kraśko. Damn you to space.