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“Walls festooned with coiled aluminum probosces signifying high-tech gadgetry”

1672518 slide luke 2

From Fast Company:

(George) Lucas and his crew left the Lars Homestead set to rot after (filming on Star Wars) wrapped more than 35 years ago. In that time, the domed shell of the homestead sat unprotected from the desert winds, its location known to only a few locals. That is, until recently, when Luke’s erstwhile home was rediscovered by New York-based photographer Rä di Martino.

Imagine how excited we’ll be in 35 years time when a hard disk archivist discovers the digital remains of Jar Jar Binks.

The Empire strikes duck

His facial expression is somewhere between exhaustion, sorrow and bafflement, as if some kindly carers have taken him on a day trip of which he has little understanding.

David Mitchell’s description of George Lucas, recently photographed wielding a lightsabre alongside a Jedi Mickey Mouse and Minnie Princess Leia on the occasion of Lucasfilm being acquired by Disney.

Tatooine barbeque

LEGO Star Wars diorama

“No, Stormtrooper, I did not say ‘These are the droids we’re cooking for’.” #dioramafriday

“As if Leonardo da Vinci had painted a speech bubble on the Mona Lisa in which she explained her state of mind”

Every generation must lose its innocence, must see the brightly painted nursery wall smashed away by the wrecking ball of betrayal to reveal a blighted landscape. For our predecessors, it was the Somme, the Great Depression, the Holocaust or Vietnam; for my generation, it was The Phantom Menace.

David Mitchell compares the launch of J.K. Rowling’s exhaustive Harry Potter website Pottermore with George Lucas lifting the veil of myth from the pre-story to his original Star Wars films and filling in all the detail like, as Mitchell puts it, ‘a tedious nerd’.