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My micro life: 6:03pm, 22 December 2009

Can’t help feeling my life would be richer and fuller if I wasn’t so dismayed by the sight of dirty dishes.

Or if we had a dishwasher.

My micro life: 5:46pm, 30 October 2009

I swear I vacuumed this floor mere days ago, now it looks like a dandruffing mammoth has slept on it.

My micro life: 10:35am, 27 October 2009

If the measure of ironing excellence was “add more creases”, I would be considered excellent at ironing.

My micro life: 12:45pm, 1 October 2009

Opened bin to find wasp in there. Put bag of incredibly soiled nappies on top of wasp.

Humans: 1

Vespidae: nil

My micro life: 1:00pm, 24 February 2009

Two things I forgot today: removal of underpants from bathroom, and the fact that we had a house inspection.

My micro life: 6:00pm, 20 January 2009

Enormously clever of me, moments after the house had finally cooled down, to do the vacuuming and heat it back up again