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My micro life: 7:44pm, 3 December 2009

Microsoft Office autoupdates always make me nervous.

My micro life: 5:46pm, 30 October 2009

I swear I vacuumed this floor mere days ago, now it looks like a dandruffing mammoth has slept on it.

My micro life: 10:35am, 27 October 2009

If the measure of ironing excellence was “add more creases”, I would be considered excellent at ironing.

My micro life: 4:09pm, 11 October 2009

If you gave your employer a document prepared using MS Word’s default styles, the only conclusion your employer could reach would be that they’d hired Charles Manson.

My micro life: 6:24pm, 4 September 2009

If you need to come to my house to convince me of the benefits of your product, I suspect it’s because there are none.

My micro life: 4:11pm, 4 December 2008

Apparently Axl Rose has gone missing. Maybe he’s gone looking for the errant apostrophe in “Guns N’ Roses”

My micro life: 5:32pm, 3 December 2008

Comic Sans: the go-to font for that “written-in-own-faeces” look

My micro life: 2:33pm, 3 July 2008

Ah, Microsoft Word… only a mother could love your default heading styles. Like a Tourettes fit in a type foundry.

My micro life: 1:36pm, 1 July 2008

Apple’s lowercase-personal-pronoun ‘i’ thing has gone too far; takeaway joint iSushi just got added to the list of things to which ‘iObject’