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Found object: 5:05pm, 9 January 2010

A decade on from the fabled year 1999, and the public transport in my town has yet to achieve anything close to this kind of splendour. Here in Melbourne the ‘El’ would be shorthand for “extremely late”.

(Hungryghoast’s Web Presence, via Vintage Future)

Paul Otlet’s “radiated book”

I recently had a flick through Glut: mastering information through the ages by Alex Wright and was intrigued by the story of Paul Otlet, who in the 1930s dreamt up an information retrieval system that seems to foreshadow the modern world wide web.

Found object: 6:26pm, 25 April 2009

“Computers. How they were invented – how they work – what they can do, both now and in an exciting future.”

I wonder if K. N. Dodd Ph.D predicted that computers in his “exciting future” would mainly be used for looking at people in various stages of undress, grammatically-challenged cats, and grammatically-challenged cats with clothes on.

(Martin Isaac)

Found object: 6:30pm, 4 April 2009

Why one should exercise caution when using the word ‘modern’.

(C86 | Matt Lyon)