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Tiny icon factory

Huge and ever-growing (user-submitted) collection of 13×13 icons.

ReCSS bookmarklet

Incredibly useful bookmarklet that removes the need to reload entire webpages when checking CSS changes by reloading the stylesheet only. A huge time saver (not to mention saving on bandwidth).

Email address encoder using HTML entities

Not a foolproof solution to avoiding spam, but a relatively straightforward one without having to mess around with client-side encryption — just good old fashioned HTML.

Something to fall back on when cybersquatters have already nabbed the domain you wanted, or if you just want to craft a really annoying URL for your site.

Found object: 9:59am, 18 September 2008

I figure an ASS reader is some kind of special toilet paper with Braille lettering on it. Either way, when I tried to install one on my computer, all I got was a bunch of errors and some nasty smears on my monitor.

(Design Encyclopedia, which ought to know better)

Fixing flat, grey input buttons in Safari 3

I’m not too proud to admit that this problem had me stumped for ages.