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My micro life: 11:03am, 4 December 2009

Mother and daughter in the doctors waiting room are having an animated debate concerning the outcome of a fight between a dog and a snake.

My micro life: 10:01am, 21 November 2009

Just saw a utility truck with a decal on the back window that said ‘The Uterus’.

My micro life: 12:06pm, 4 August 2009

Saw a woman at the playground, alone, dressed in black, pushing an empty swing.

My micro life: 2:40pm, 23 December 2008

Knew it was a great second hand bookshop when I saw the boxes of books on the stairs and smelt the body odour and passive aggression

A Monday morning sea shanty

I was walking down my street this morning when I heard a tune both mournful and carnivalesque.

Around the corner walked a crusty, withered old rake playing some sort of sea shanty on a mouth organ. He wore a dark navy overcoat and tugged upon his grubby sailor’s cap as we bade each other good morning.

I thought how splendid it was that he was providing his own entertainment. I thought, “Wow, that’s so much better than carrying an iPod around”.

Then I thought, “Wait a minute, you can’t listen to a podcast commentary of last night’s episode of Doctor Who on a mouth organ.”