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Digitised newspapers from the 19th century at the British Library

Two million pages available for searching. Disappointingly, viewing articles requires paid 24 hour or 7 day pass, unlike the equivalent (beta) service of the National Library of Australia.

Old magazine articles for “dilettants, hacks and the merely curious”

"Designed to serve as a reference for students, educators, authors, researchers, dabblers, dilettantes, hacks and the merely curious."

Open Library

Another way to access the mind-bogglingly huge archive of full text digitised books at the Internet Archive; very neat site design and great options for refining searches.

Public domain weird fiction at Wikisource

Includes a selection of horror and Gothic fiction, scientifiction, fantasy and sword and sorcery.

London Illustrated News pictures online

The London Illustrated News was the world's first illustrated weekly newspaper. This image library features a selection of woodcut illustrations from the newspaper dating from the mid-nineteenth century onwards.