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My micro life: 8:35pm, 6 January 2011

I can’t decide whether ‘too much pizza’ is an oxymoron or a tautology.

My micro life: 6:52pm, 4 January 2011

It was only later that I realised the disadvantages of eating a dozen oysters before getting on the plane.

Found object: 7:00am, 23 December 2009

It’s like an alternate universe Catweazle.

(Frighteningly, it’s probably not that far removed from our actual universe Catweazle.)

(adski_kaferti, via Black and WTF)

My micro life: 10:41am, 11 December 2009

Six day old bacon: safe or unsafe? For convenience I am going with safe.

My micro life: 2:30pm, 27 August 2008

Thanks to the packet of liquorice bullets I just gobbled down, I now know how quickly I can sprint from my desk to the loo.