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“Less a Christmas carol and more Christmas karaoke”

The Journal of Victorian Culture Online compares the recent Doctor Who Christmas special, ‘A Christmas Carol’, to Dickens’ original. Much is made of the Doctor’s active participation in the Scrooge figure’s past, present and future, in contrast to the ‘passive observation of the past leading to internal reflection’ in Dickens’ story. “What ensued,” notes the author, “was a deliberate manipulation of Dickens’ plot to suit both the hero and the show”.

“An ever-present part of many people’s childhoods”

Yesterday I spoke to ABC 666 Canberra about the death of Elisabeth Sladen, who played legendary companion Sarah Jane Smith on Doctor Who. You can hear the interview below. (Note: you may think you hear the presenter calling me ‘Chris Smith’ at the end, but you’d be wrong.)

Found object: 7:28pm, 6 March 2011


Incredible LEGO® MOC of the Russell T. Davies era TARDIS console from Doctor Who. Be sure to check out some of Mr. Xenomurphy’s other LEGO® MOCs, including this LEGO® vignette featuring Lady Cassandra from the 2005 Doctor Who episode ‘The End of the World’.

As the Ninth Doctor himself might have said, “Give the man a medal”.

“You were my Doctor”

LOL pic

David Tennant: not shy about his obsession with the Fifth Doctor. I’m starting to get a bit worried.

The last of the Lebanese chickpea seeds (of doom)

Who knew that Australia possesses the last surviving crop seeds of certain varieties of Lebanese chickpea? Sparing us the nightmare scenario of a future devoid of farting hippies, Australian farmer and scientist Dr Tony Gregson has preserved these and other seed samples in the Arctic environs of that mother-of-all spice racks, the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway.

But seeds? Snow? Doom? (Okay, doom in the sense of ‘doomsday, preparation for’, but still.)

Hero with a handbag

It emerged this week that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange “disguised himself as an old woman in order to evade US intelligence officers”. It’s important to note, however, that Assange is not the first renegade and computer boffin to dabble in drag.

“Doctor Hooey is good!”

A taste of what the new series of Doctor Who might have been like had it been produced by BBC Istanbul rather than BBC Wales.

(The Thumbcast)

Found object: 4:58pm, 25 January 2011

You can probably guess what I thought when I saw this.

(Dolly Dolly Image Blog)

For Who review site the bell tolls

It’s the end… Neil Perryman announces the closure of Doctor Who review blog Behind The Sofa. Hopefully this means there’ll be more activity over at the newly-regenerated Tachyon TV (I love the idea of the Adventures With The Wife In Space column).

Meanwhile, there’s always the regular (and regularly entertaining) Who Fix.

Found object: 6:47pm, 12 January 2011

“What are you going to do, sucker me to death?”


From the multiverse to the Whoniverse

It doesn't come as a huge surprise, but I didn't realise Michael Moorcock was a Doctor Who fan until it was recently announced he was contributing an original novel to the tie-in range currently being published by BBC Books. Here he shares his memories of the original series and his excitement (and sense of nervousness) about his forthcoming involvement with the new incarnation. Too bad Moorcock didn't write for the New Adventures series Virgin published in the nineties: he could've really let rip. Looking forward to this one nonetheless.

Found object: 11:00pm, 27 October 2009

When Tom Baker abstained from participating in Doctor Who’s twentieth anniversary episode, ‘The Five Doctors’, he was, for the purposes of a promotional photoshoot, replaced with a wax dummy. Now I’m wondering if he shouldn’t have been replaced with one of these adorable nesting dolls.

I love that the Hartnell and Troughton dolls are in monochrome.

(sweet is the wind, via lizbt)

Daleks who know choose iPods


This combines my Dalek obsession with my iPod evangelism, which is all I really ask for in life.