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My micro life: 12:17pm, 20 May 2013

Having a ploughman’s lunch.

(He’s all “But it’s six hours until dinner and I can’t plough on an empty stomach!”)

My micro life: 10:14pm, 13 February 2011

Is the ‘con’ in ‘chili con carne’ short for ‘consequences’?

My micro life: 1:50pm, 29 September 2009

The best kind of cheese is four kinds of cheese.

My micro life: 7:04am, 2 April 2009

Little known fact: April 2 is ‘Bovril Fools Day’. Contents of packaged food and drink to be replaced with liquid meat extract. Take care!

My micro life: 11:31am, 8 February 2009

Cheese, on its own, can be lunch, right?