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Materiality No. 1 has materialised!

Each generation decides anew what it is about a thing — a book, a pamphlet, a photograph album — that is most significant and makes decisions about its fate accordingly.

Publisher and editor of pinknantucket press, Alice Cannon, in her editorial for the inaugural edition of Materialitya themed journal that includes fiction, essay, images and poetry, focusing on the physical and material. The highly-anticipated first edition contains, in Alice’s own words, (m)any things, by excellent people. I’m hardly likely to argue, given that one of those things is by me. That’s right — I’m officially (or at least materially) excellent!

There are indeed many excellent people contributing to this most excellent venture. I’m particularly looking forward to reading Carolyn Fraser’s essay on nineteenth-century competitive typesetting.

Okay, and the two pieces about reading on the dunny.

A paper and digital bundle of Materiality No. 1 is available at the pinknantucket press online shop.