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Things I’ve been watching

Two shows I’ve been enjoying in recent weeks: the Welsh-language rom-com Cara Fi (viewable with English subtitles on BBC iPlayer) and Toby Whithouse’s period spy thriller The Game — both of which benefit from the writing talents of the ever-awesome Sarah Dollard.

“When they want to write ‘Clusterfuck!’ in big letters on the front page but can’t because it’s a bit rude they can now reach for an alternative”

The Thick of It is a team-written show. The writers take it in turns to be on set for any last-minute changes that might be wanted… As these scenes tend to already be in pretty good shape, the notes from the creator, Armando Iannucci, at this stage are normally pretty brief… On this particular occasion he was in a hurry and all he said was: Take a look at this.

Writer Tony Roche on how he came to add the word ‘omnishambles’ — which has gone on to become the Oxford English Dictionary’s word of the year for 2012 — to the already rich lexicon deployed by fictional communications director Malcolm Tucker in the BBC Two political comedy.

“Like Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em remade by Lars von Trier”

The Radio Times previews Derek, Ricky Gervais’s retirement home comedy, the pilot for which will screen on Channel 4 in the UK in April.

“Gatiss has made a career out of indulging his boyhood obsessions”

League of Gentleman and Sherlock co-creator and regular Doctor Who contributor Mark Gatiss is helping to unleash some ‘pent-up camp’ in the current series of BBC Three’s flatshare telefantasy Being Human.

“Very few shows have storylines in which the protagonist attempts to eat a cat”

Tim Howard supplies the theme song to ALF with some lyrical embellishment. It may help to view the lyrics. It may not.

My micro life: 8:40am, 25 July 2010

Our TV reception only works if I unplug the antenna and thump the set-top box. Could Logie Baird have dared imagine such a wonderful future?