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““Is that the Doctor?””

That moment when you get a phone call from a person standing on the same street as you, but when they were in a different body, on another planet, in a different time

A LEGO® recreation of the penultimate scene in ‘Deep Breath’, Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who debut


“Please tell me I didn’t get old”
“I don’t think that I’m a hugging person now.”
The ‘making of ’


“Ooh, you’ve got a dinosaur too!”

Deep Breath 01 - DInosaur on the Thames (Modified)

Model built with Mecabricks and rendered in Blender (larger version)

A silly LEGO® model I made of the pre-credits scene from Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who debut. I would have liked to have added fog, lighting effects and depth of field but Blender is mind-bendingly complicated and has an extremely steep learning curve.

Oh, and the TARDIS should probably have slime on it.


“The amount of LEGO we can have is obviously not an issue”

From The Guardian:

Centred around ‘inquiry-based learning’, the idea (behind Denmark’s LEGO® school) is that children are more motivated when they generate their own questions. As one prospective parent of the new school put it: ‘In the UK you’re taught how to pass exams. In Scandinavia you’re taught how to think.’

Me, I went to the LEGO® school of hard blocks.

Tatooine barbeque

LEGO Star Wars diorama

“No, Stormtrooper, I did not say ‘These are the droids we’re cooking for’.” #dioramafriday


I’ll be less inclined to swap the limbs on my minifigs now. (Laughing Squid, via @snazdoll)

Even better than the minifigs

These minimalist, abstract LEGO® portraits of characters from pop culture show you just how iconic some of these creations are, that they can be so readily identified from such basic shapes. Incredible.

Found object: 7:28pm, 6 March 2011


Incredible LEGO® MOC of the Russell T. Davies era TARDIS console from Doctor Who. Be sure to check out some of Mr. Xenomurphy’s other LEGO® MOCs, including this LEGO® vignette featuring Lady Cassandra from the 2005 Doctor Who episode ‘The End of the World’.

As the Ninth Doctor himself might have said, “Give the man a medal”.

The Big LEGOwski

Nicely shot LEGO® recreation of certain scenes from the Coen Brothers’ The Big Lebowski by Lennart Bendixen. The moustaches on LEGO® The Jesus’s compadre are a nice touch. (Thanks to Phil Sherry for the link.)

“Where computational mechanics and LEGO meet”

A cool (if slightly over-dramatic) video detailing a reproduction of the Ancient Greek computing device known as the Antikythera Mechanism using plastic gears from a LEGO® Technic set.

The designer, Apple software engineer Andrew Carol, previously built a LEGO® Babbage Difference Engine.

Meanwhile, here’s a pink LEGO® house I built for my daughter.

Found object: 8:31am, 26 November 2009

The first and second Matrix films had a handful of great sequences, but how much better would they have been if they’d been filmed in LEGO®vision?

Answer: this much better.

(Legomatrix, via GeekDad)

Found object: 9:56am, 22 October 2009

This was the first major LEGO® set I owned. Clearly I will never achieve my dream of being the first author to include it on one of their book covers. Damn you, Jan Kraśko. Damn you to space.