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Found object: 9:25am, 9 December 2009

Artist Carl Warner on his fruit and vegetable recreation of iconic London landmarks: “It’s important to me that people look at this and go ‘London’, instantly.”

I love that that’s important to anyone. I love that anyone would want to spend three weeks striving to become the Christopher Wren of the fruit and veg world. I love that in the video accompanying the original article there’s at least one half-empty bottle of lager lying around the studio.

(, via Dark Roasted Blend )

Found object: 1:00pm, 23 October 2009

Giant woven fish from Peru. Maybe it’s just me, but I’d go mental if I had to wake up to this every day. Mad craft skills, but.

(Rafaelle Estrella)

Found object: 6:23pm, 29 July 2009

Once the penguins consumed every inch of human flesh aboard the Gratitude, they scavenged the ship for porn.

(State Library of New South Wales)