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Sculpture vulture

Here are a few of our favourite pieces from the field at the latest Helen Lempriere National Sculpture Award at Werribee Park.

We thought the quality was a bit down on previous years but it always makes for a noice day out.

The sculpture above is called ‘Happy Endings’. I’m pretty sure the smile is an exact replica of the face from an old BASIC program for the Tandy TRS-80. Either that or it’s the evil computer Miles from Electric Dreams.

We can’t remember what this sculpture was called but we liked it. Feel free to call it ‘Wood Balls’ — I have.

I thought this was going to be a mother with baby but it’s actually a lonely child sitting at the edge of a playground while the other children play Murderball.

These are mortality statistics made from old railway signage. There are mirrors interlarded among the statistics — you walk up and see yourself as a number. A cheery thought when you’re munching on your cucumber sandwiches*.

* We weren’t actually eating cucumber sandwiches (the cucumber sandwich shop was closed)