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Publishers supporting needy Flash animators

I just read on the Guardian website that HarperCollins are starting to do video trailers for books. Not sure what to make of it except that I don’t think trailers is the right word — they’re more like amped-up PowerPoint presentations than movie trailers, and (I presume) you have to actually visit the website to see them. It’s not like going to see a movie and being treated/subjected to previews of other movies that you may or may not be interested in: it’s a different paradigm altogether.

The ‘true’ book trailer experience would surely have to involve buying a book (the latest Julian Barnes, say), taking it home, brewing a cup of tea or coffee, settling down in your favourite armchair, opening the book to page one, chapter one – and being greeted not with a crisp, elegant opening sentence from Barnesy but with a big fat steaming advertisement for the latest Captain Underpants.